Devil’s Pact Stream Transition

Devil’s Pact Stream Switch Transition. Halloween Scary Horror Transition for OBS

You’re one click away from having the scariest transition on Stream. This scary transition will have your viewers scared with just one click. Not only is this transition scary but it’s also great animation to make your stream more spooky and horror-themed. Scare your viewers with a perfect Halloween transition with Devil’s Pact Stream Switch Transition. With just a few clicks, this spooky horror transition will frighten anyone who watches your stream.


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Stream Transition

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Devil's Pact

Everything you need for Spooky Streams

Are you ready for jump scares and the scariest transition you've ever seen, perfect for spooky month streams and Twitch Horror games, prepare yourself for a lot of jumpscares

Perfect for horror, gaming, and thriller streamers, this transition will add intensity to your content that keeps your viewers on the edge of their seats.


Corruption / Purple, Frostbite / Blue, Infernal / Red, Plague/Green

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MOV- With Alpha Channel, WebM