Trippy Liquid Splash Stream Transition

Trippy Liquid Splash  Twitch Transition | Colorful Stream Transition | Animated Stream Transition | Pastel Stinger OBS

You’re looking for a colorful, trippy, and fun transition? Look no further! Rainbow Pastel Transition is the perfect addition to your stream or video. It’s a rainbow of colors that will make your content more appealing to the eye. The rainbow colors will also give your content an extra dose of happiness. Make your viewers feel good with Trippy Liquid Splash of Rainbow Pastel Transition!


Dark Purple
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  • WebM File
  • MOV File (Alpha Channel)
  • Custom Sound Effect
  • Instructions Included
Stream Transition

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Scene Transition DexPixel Trippy Liquid Splash Sunset

Dark Purple, Holographic, Neon, Rainbow, Sunset