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Summer Beach Scenes


Summer Beach Scenes

This package includes scenes inspired by the Summer vibe, featuring smooth flow and animated assets that will create your scene in the summer retreat with chill vibes.

The package includes animated background, animated text for Starting Soon, Be right back, and Stream End, different variations for the Intermission scene, and a few other elements that you can easily position as you like and create your own scene layout.


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Package Contains

Few important information about the content and what it includes!


Install and use animations in just few minutes, instructions are included for OBS Studio, Streambals Desktop, OBSLive...


You will receive .ZIP file, when you unzip that file you will find few folders that includes,.Please check below for detailed information.

Streaming on YouTube?

Our design supports most popular streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Trovo...


Any issues?

If you will need some help or you are not sure if your setup is correct, or not sure how to use this product. Please contact us/Join Discord


For creative people around the world.

Our designs are always tested to provide you best experience andsmooth animations. Please don't forget to check the video presentation of the design before the purchase!

Each screen element can be controlled separately. Here’s how:

  1. Create a Scene in OBS/Streamlabs Desktop
  2. Open the folder you downloaded 
  3. Drag individual overlays into OBS Studio or Streamlabs Desktop
  4. Reposition and resize elements to fit your layout
  5. Keep adding graphics or remove them as needed.
Stream Scenes Dexpixel Thumbnail Summer Beach
Stream Scenes Dexpixel Thumbnail Summer Beach

Create your own Scenes

Create scenes, change backgrounds, position elements... do your own thing and setup your stream that will fit your needs.

  1. x3 animated background
  2. x1 animated labels ( bars for widgets)
  3. Animated text Starting Soon, Be Right Back, Stream Ended
  4. x1 chat frames
  5. x3 intermission scenes with different cam frames position
  6. Offline Screen

Additional information


Crimson, Custom Color, Golden, Silver, Violet


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