Spooky Skulls Animated Stream Decoration

Spooky Skulls Animated Stream Decoration

Streamers deserve to have some spooky fun! But the outdated way of decorating your stream wasn’t cutting it. Welcome to Spooky Skulls Decorations! With our Animated Floating and Falling Particle Add-on, you can add more flair to your stream by focusing on your chat for an even better experience.

Add-on Bundle includes x7 different skull colors, sizes and falling orientations ( Gree, Pink, Purple, Black, White, Blue, and Yellow)

With our spooky stream decorations, you can quickly and easily add some Halloween magic to your game! Whether it’s a horror game or just a silly game that needs a touch of cute spooky animations, these skulls will get the job done.

You can download this product for free or you can generously pay your own price, to support the next free project that we will post monthly, thank you ♥


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MOV- With Alpha Channel, WebM





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