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Skulls Animated Emotes


Please make sure that you are qualified to use this on your channel/server before the purchase ( we will not be able to refund you if you bought but didn’t check it prior to the purchase)

Sizes in the pack
28×28 / 56×56 / 112×112 / 512×512

You will receive 6 animated skulls
– Love
– Wow
– Money
– Wink
– Dead/Rip
– Laugh/Lol

Skulls Animated Emotes

⚠ TWITCH: Please note that you need to be a Partner or Affiliated to be able to use animated emotes on Twitch!
Custom subscriber emotes are a part of the subscription benefits under the Twitch Partnership and Affiliate programs

⚠ DISCORD: Please note that you need Nitro Sub to be able to use animated emotes on Discord!

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