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Rose Animated Streaming Package


Rose Animated Streaming Package is based on the beautiful roses choose your favorite color.
Pick between red, blue, purple, white, pink, or yellow rose.
Features beautiful roses premade and customizable screens so you can create your own streaming garden in a few clicks
Contains everything you need to stream on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming

The package includes webcam frames, overlays, alerts, chatbox, animated screens, stinger transition, social icons, profile art, and Twitch panels.

Easy to import Scenes using SLOBS import file, and StreamElements overlays ULR.

Setup Guide

Rose Animated Streaming Package

Pick your favorite Rose color!

Animated Scenes

  • 4 Animated Backgrounds

  • 3 Intermission Scenes 16-9 and 4-3 format webcam

  • Animated text for Start/Brb/End scenes

  • Animated chat frame

Animated Alerts

  • 3 alert variations (Dark, Light, Small)

  • 3 Matching Sounds

  • StreamElements Alertbox overlay included

  • Streamlabs alertbox setup guide

  • All files are transparent WebM

Animated Webcam Overlay

  • 2 Webcam variations 16-9

  • 2 Webcam variations 4-3

  • Icons, Labels and bars for additional use

  • Streamlabs alertbox setup guide

  • All files are transparent WebM

Animated Transition

  • Transition with sound

  • Transition without sound

  • OBS and SLOBS instructions

  • WebM format

Channel Art

  • Offline Screen PSD included for edits

  • +30 stream panels

  • Panels in 3 different designs

  • PSD files for additional edit for each panel

Import and Use

  • Streamlabs .Overlay file for SLOBS import

  • StreamElements Overlay links for each scene

  • All animated parts can be used  for optional manual setup

  • Setup Guide for easy installation and use

Purple Rose Animated Twitch Stream Scenes
Play Video
Rose Sound Alert A
  • Rose Sound Alert A
Rose Sound Alert B
  • Rose Sound Alert B
Rose Sound Alert C
  • Rose Sound Alert C
Rose Alerts A Preview
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Rose Animated Stream Webcam A
Play Video
Rose Animated Stinger Transition Purple 1
Play Video

Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow


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