Lovestruck Teacups Decorations

Animated Valentines Cups

Introducing our Beautiful Animated Lovestruck Tea Cup video file, the perfect addition to your streaming setup. This high-quality video file features an enchanting animation of a teacup filled with steaming hot tea and adorned with hearts and shimmering particles.

The animation is smooth and seamless, making it the perfect decorative element for your streams. Whether you’re a streamer on OBS, StreamElements, or Streamlabs, this video file is compatible with all of them.

You can add it to your scenes to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your viewers. It’s perfect for a wide range of genres, whether you’re streaming games, talk shows, or anything in between. So why wait? Add a touch of warmth and love to your streams with our Animated Lovestruck Tea Cup today!


Valentines Lovestruck Teacups Stream Decoration Add-On


4 different mugs

Perfect animated loop


MOV files are available for use in Youtube Videos or any other Editing Program. For streams, you can use WebM or PNG files.


Perfect for any streamer looking for a cute and unique touch to their stream during the Holidays or for anyone who loves Christmas

Lovestruck Animated Cups

Enhance your streams with our animated Tea Cups with Hearts and Shimmering Particles add-ons. Perfect for OBS or Streamlabs, these transitions will add charm and animation to your content

Stream Decorations DexPixel 4 Lovestruck Tea Cups
Stream Decorations DexPixel 3 Lovestruck Tea Cups
Stream Decorations DexPixel 2 Lovestruck Tea Cups
Stream Decorations DexPixel 1 Lovestruck Tea Cups
File type

MOV- With Alpha Channel, PNG – Static Image, WebM





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