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Grenade MK2 Video Stream Transition


Grenade MK2 Video Stream Transition

Gear up for action-packed streams with the Grenade MK2 Video Game Stream Transition – the ultimate choice for FPS enthusiasts and Twitch Vtubers alike!

Picture this: as you prepare to switch scenes, watch as a virtual grenade rolls onto the screen, adding an explosive touch to your transitions. It’s like stepping onto the battlefield every time you switch scenes!

Designed with precision and adrenaline in mind, this transition packs a punch, seamlessly blending one scene into the next with cinematic flair. Whether you’re streaming intense shooter games or captivating your audience as a Vtuber, the Grenade MK2 transition ensures your stream stays on the edge of excitement.


— Stream Transition

The smooth and seamless animation makes scene transitions in your live streams seamless and professional, creating a polished and immersive viewing experience for your audience.

— Animated transition With sound

— Animated transition Without sound

— Webm for streaming

— Instructions on how to use it ( Video setup SLOBS and OBS)

Additional information


Black, Purple, Rainbow

File type

MOV- With Alpha Channel, WebM




Variation with no sound, With Sound


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