Fire and Smoke Explosion Transition Stinger

Fire and Smoke Explosion, Stream Twitch Transition | Smoke Stream Transition | Pack of 3 Stream Transitions

Fire and Smoke Explosion Transition Stinger is a perfect stream transition for any Twitch, Facebook, or Youtube streamer. With the quick drag of your mouse, you can use these seamless animations to create a high-quality and professional-looking transition from one video to another. Make the imaginative leap from your stream to the world of video games with our quick and easy-to-use transition stinger. Add an explosion, smoke, or fire to your stream with this versatile pack of three different transitions that each come with a variety of duration options.

Fire Pack – includes 3 stream transitions (Orange/ Fire, Green/Nuclear, and Blue/Butane color)

Arcane Magic – includes 3 stream transitions (Pink/Magic, Purple/Arcane, and Noir/White color)


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  • WebM File
  • MOV File (Alpha Channel)
  • Custom Sound Effect
  • Instructions Included
Stream Transition

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Stream Transition

Everything you need for Fire Streams

 With its mesmerizing animation of colorful smoke and explosive shapes, this transition will smoothly take your viewers from one scene to the next. The Colorful Smoke Explosion animation, with its vibrant and dynamic colors, will add a sense of action and movement to your videos.


Arcane ( Pink, Purple, White ), Fire ( Orange, Green, Blue )



Supported Platforms

OBS Studio, OBSLive, Streamlabs Desktop, XSplit


With sound, Without Sound, Lower Sound Volume