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Cyberpunk Animated Stream Webcams


Nomad– that classic Yellow with Blue that you may see everywhere Cyberpunk related

Corporate– strict and menacing Reds with Cyan tones that give it your typical “Bad Guys” aesthetic

Silverhand– Johny is BREATHTAKING! Especially his Silver and Red colors

Street Kid– it wouldn’t be a futuristic theme without those sweet Purple/Pink neons and a touch of Cyan highlights

Video preview of everything included in this product is below, check all colors and select the color variation you want to purchase.

Matching Transition click here

Matching Alerts click here

Cyberpunk Setup Guide

Cyberpunk Animated Stream Webcams

Cp 1
Animated Webcams
  • x2 animated cam frame 4-3 resolution
  • x2 animated cam frame 16-9 resolution
  • x2 animated green screen labels
Animated Labels and Widgets
  • Big Frame for custom setups 16-9
  • 2x animated chat frames
  • x2 animated box for icons
One Click Installation
  • 30+ icons for social platforms and events
  • SLOBS import file
  • StreamElements link for premade scene overlays
Cyberpunk Animated Stream Webcam
Play Video
  • x15 different animated alerts
  • 1 default box sized animated alert
  • x3 matching sound
  • Can be used for Twitch, Youtube, Facebook events
  • StreamElements alert box ready to use ( Alerts are created for Twitch/Youtube/Facebook platforms separate)
  • Streamlabs alert needs to be manually created in the Streamlabs Dashboard ( Currently we do not support one-click setup for Streamblabs)

Corporate (Red), Nomad (Yellow), Silverhand (Cyan), Street Kid (Purple)


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