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Cyberpunk Animated Scenes


Cyberpunk Animated Pack

Welcome to the dark future… we have neons! Bring the atmosphere of Cyberpunk to new heights with this awesome animated streaming bundle based on grim futuristic vibes.
This Cyberpunk Animated Stream scene features glitches, distortion, and futuristic animations.
The metropolitan ambiance, holographic displays, glitchy lights (part of the design), everything you may need to sink your viewers into the mood of Night City.

Fully modular design that you will be able to adjust to your stream needs (Move Text, labels, and other elements )

Choose Between 4 Color Variations

Nomad/Yellow– that classic Yellow with Blue that you may see everywhere Cyberpunk related

Corporate/Red– strict and menacing Reds with Cyan tones that give it your typical “Bad Guys” aesthetic

Silverhand/Cyan/Silver– Johny is BREATHTAKING! Especially his Silver and Blue colors

Street Kid/Purple– it wouldn’t be a futuristic theme without those sweet Purple/Pink neons and a touch of Cyan highlights


Few things to know!

Important information about the content and what it includes!

Modular Elements

Install and use animations in just few minutes, all animations in this pack will be fully modular, you can resize, position, edit as you see it fit your stream. Almost all elements are moveable.


You will receive .ZIP file, when you unzip that file you will find few folders that includes. You will receive Alerts, Transition, Scenes, but please check below for detailed information.

Streaming on YouTube?

Our design supports most popular streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Trovo...


Any issues?

If you will need some help or you are not sure if your setup is correct, or not sure how to use this product. Please contact us/Join Discord

Stream Scenes Dexpixel Thumbnail Cyberpunk Street Kid
stream scenes

For creative people around the world.

Our designs are always tested to provide you best experience andsmooth animations. Please don't forget to check the video presentation of the design before the purchase!

  • x8 different animated backgrounds
  • x4 animated labels for the text events like Latest Sub, Follow or Tip
  • x2 Animated chat box
  • x3 Animated intermission Just Chatting scenes with cam frames
  • Font used it Google font Orbitron

Install and use animations in just a few minutes, just drag the file to OBS/Streamlabs Desktop or upload it as Media File.

Position as you like, duplicate or create new assets and adjust the way it fits your stream.

You can use our premade overlay links, just log in to StreamElements, double click the links in the folder you received and overlays will be created on your account.

Or you can create a new overlay or use the existing one in the StreamElements, and upload it as a video file.

Place and position as you like, when you are done with editing copy the overlay link and add it to OBS as a browser source. 

Additional information


Corporate (Red), Nomad (Yellow), Silverhand (Cyan), Street Kid (Purple)

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