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Cute Flower Skull Badges


Cute Flower Skull Badges

Easy to upload and use on Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, Discord.
Add that special touch to your stream channel or discord server.
Guide links are included in the product ( PDF files with all links for all platforms guidelines )

Sizes in the pack
18×18 / 28×28 / 36×36 / 56×56 / 72×72 / 112×112 / 512×512

Guide how to upload and use emotes/badges on Twitch/Discord/Youtube/Facebook

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Cute Flower Skull Badges

Sizes in the pack 18x18 / 28x28 / 36x36 / 56x56 / 72x72 / 112x112 / 512x512

By purchasing these Community Emotes & Badges you are granted the non-exclusive, necessary rights to use these as emotes and/or badges on your streaming platform (Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming.)
Since Community emotes are non-exclusive, they can be used by multiple streamers at once, on many different channels. They are not restricted to a single user but are available to anyone who purchases this pack.


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