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Christmas Hedgehogs Animated Stream Scenes


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Christmas Hedgehogs Animated Stream Scenes
  • Super cute kawaii Christmas hedgehog Animated Stream Scenes. Animated Scenes With super cute Xmas elements. Animated Start Scene, Be Right Back, Stream End Scene.
  • Ideal for smooth and chill Christmas streams, for any game or streaming category
  • Spice up your scenes and give your stream an additional spark with these beautiful animated scenes.
  • Perfect for any streamer looking for an elegant and unique touch to their stream
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Christmas Hedgehogs Animated Stream Scenes

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✔ Optimized for use on any streaming platform ( Upload to OBS or SLOBS as Media Source in the settings check LOOP options )
✔ Size 1920×1080
✔ Starting Soon Animated Scene
✔ Be Right Back Animated Scene
✔ Stream is Ending Animated Scene
✔  Intermission Animated Scene
✔ You will receive the products automatically upon payment
✔ All video files are WebM and MOV ( Transparent Background)
✔ Files come in a compressed format .ZIP ( You will need to unzip/unrar before use)


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