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Buzz and Bloom Stream Pack


Buzz and Bloom Stream Pack an Animated Stream Pack with cute bees is a collection of digital graphics designed to enhance the visual appeal of a streaming channel. This pack includes a variety of cute and playful animations featuring adorable animated bees that will transform your stream into a fun and engaging experience.

The pack includes animated overlays, alerts, transitions, and more, all featuring friendly and cute bees. The overlays feature bees flying around the screen and playful flower designs, while the alerts feature bees delivering messages in a fun and entertaining way. The transitions smoothly transition between scenes with playful bee animations.


— Animated Stream Pack

The overlays are designed to add a touch of elegance to your stream, and the scenes will help you quickly switch between different segments of your stream with a professional look.

— 8 Animated Alerts ( Donation, Sub, Follow, Cheer, etc... 4 sound variations )

— Animated Stream Scenes ( Start/Brb/End animated text can be moved around the screen)

— Animated Intermission/Chatting Scenes and Vtuber Scenes ( 6 different sizes)

— Transition ( Webm and MOV format )

— Twitch Panels ( 30+ panels, PSD included)

— x3 Offline Screen

— Vtuber Friendly assets ( Bottom bar, animated backgrounds, chat frames, and labels )

— 3+ Animated Labels

— Animated Chat Frames

— Animated Webcam 16:9 / 4:3 / 1:1

— One click install overlays with Streamlabs and StreamElemens


Everything you need for Stream Setup

A modular stream overlay refers to a customizable and flexible design framework used in livestreaming setups. It allows streamers to easily rearrange and modify different elements of their overlay, such as webcam frames, alerts, chat boxes, and graphics, without having to redesign the entire overlay.

Animated Assets

Mix and match different labels that suit your needs, premade labels available also for fast and easy setup.

Animated Intermission, Just Chatting, Bar for Vtubers

Create your own overlay or use premade designs, add your Vtuber Model or Cam and adjust position as you see it fit.​

Animated Background​

Add a background, add chat box and your Vtuber model or Webcam and you are ready to stream.

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Supported Platform

OBS, StreamElements, Streamlabs OBS, OBS Live,


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