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Butterfly Bliss Vtuber Stream Pack


Butterfly Bliss Vtuber Stream Pack is a complete package designed to enhance your streaming experience. It includes a variety of animated assets for perfect Vtuber setup, easy to use, just drag and drop into OBS/Streamlabs/StreamElements and enjoy beautiful butterfly flow.

The overlays are designed to add a touch of elegance to your stream, and the scenes will help you quickly switch between different segments of your stream with a professional look.
Overall, this stream pack will elevate your stream’s aesthetics and provide a cohesive and enchanting viewing experience for your audience.


— Animated Vtuber Stream Pack

Beautiful shimmering butterfllies animations, create an enchanting streaming experience. Easy to set up and customize. Elevate your stream with captivating visuals.

— X2 Animated Background

— Animated Chatting and Vtuber Scene

— Vtuber Friendly assets

— x3 Animated Labels

— x2 Animated Chat Frames

— Event and Social Icons

— One Click Installation - Streamlabs

— Static PNG Elements

— Instructions Included


Everything you need for Vtuber Setup

A modular stream overlay refers to a customizable and flexible design framework used in livestreaming setups. It allows streamers to easily rearrange and modify different elements of their overlay, such as webcam frames, alerts, chat boxes, and graphics, without having to redesign the entire overlay.

Customizable design framework for livestreaming

Easy rearrangement and modification of overlay elements

Provides flexibility and visually appealing streaming experiences

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Supported Platform

OBS, StreamElements, Streamlabs OBS, OBS Live,


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