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Sale! Shadow Spectre Halloween Ghosts Animated Stream Alerts 1

Shadow Specter Halloween Alerts

Original price was: €10.00.Current price is: €8.00.
Shadow Specter Halloween Alerts

Whether you’re looking for a way to get in the Halloween spirit or are looking for a unique decoration for the holiday, Shadow Specter Halloween is what you need. We have 40 animated stream alerts, each in a different color and all with their own sound effect. The best part is, that you can edit them to suit your needs! Create your own unique holiday decoration with these high-quality stream alerts.

Compatible with OBS, Streamlabs, and StreamElements, these alerts will add a touch of elegance to your stream and make your content stand out. Impress your viewers and make your stream more interactive with these beautiful flowers and celestial animations

Spooky Stream Schedule 1
Spooky Stream Schedule 2

Spooky Stream Schedule


With this super simple and cute Spooky Stream Schedule, you can easily add and create your stream schedule and weekly planner. Perfect for Vtubers or any streamer that likes to be on schedule.

Create an organized and visually appealing stream schedule with Spooky Stream Schedule. Our Vtuber-friendly weekly schedule offers a simple layout with cute dark blue color tones. Canva and PSD templates are included for easy customization. Stream with style and keep your audience informed!

Comin in 1920×1080 and 1080×1080 sizes which it’s super easy to change the color of the background to match your artwork or use premade background

Please check the previews for the example of the setup, notice that girl artwork is not included in the download it is only presented as a visual placeholder, you can add your model or any artwork you have.

Notice: You would need to have basic knowledge of how to Edit text in Photoshop or Canva to edit this template!

White Dark Goth Animated Stream Pack Twitch
Pink Dark Goth Animated Stream Pack Thumbnail 1

White Dark Goth Animated Stream Pack


The “White Dark Goth Animated Stream Pack” is the ultimate choice for streamers and VTubers seeking to embrace a Halloween-inspired, gothic, and spooky aesthetic. Elevate your content with captivating animated overlays that seamlessly blend with VTuber aesthetics, creating an eerie and immersive atmosphere for your viewers.

Keep your audience engaged with eye-catching animated alerts, and smoothly transition between scenes using our unique stream transitions. This pack is a web of creativity, complete with spider web motifs that will cast a spell over your stream, making it perfect for the Halloween season and beyond. Unleash your dark side and captivate your audience with this bewitching stream pack.

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