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BBerrie OverlaysStream Scenes and Panels

The main challenge of this project is to create a minimalistic UI-themed overlay. In addition to the Starting Soon text on the overlay scene, a Schedule for the stream is added, so viewers can see what is planned for the stream. 

Art Overlay with a minimalistic approach. The most important to notice is that everything in the overlay is modular structure, meaning easy to move and adjust as needed before or during the stream. 

This project also consists of other scenes like Stream End on which viewers can see upcoming streams schedule. Just Chatting Scene is created to show Chat and Vtuber Model. 




Vtuber Overlays Set


June 2023

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Berrie Scenes

Trusted Experience

Berrie, our esteemed client, has chosen DexPixel agency and our talented graphic designer Natali to embark on an exciting project. The task at hand is to create a set of minimalistic stream screens, including an art overlay, a "stream starting soon" screen, a stream end screen, and overlays specifically designed for "Just Chatting" sessions. Berrie's vision emphasizes a minimalistic approach, enhanced by UI accents and the tasteful incorporation of green and purple details.

With DexPixel agency's expertise and Natali's exceptional design skills, we are well-equipped to bring Berrie's streaming aspirations to life. Our commitment to minimalism ensures that the focus remains on the captivating content, while the addition of UI accents and the careful selection of green and purple details adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Modular Overlay

A modular stream overlay is a customizable design framework for livestreaming. It enables streamers to easily rearrange and modify various elements of their overlay without redesigning the entire setup. It offers flexibility, personalization, and a visually appealing streaming experience.


Modular Structure

Adjust all elements on the overlay by simply moving them around the screen.

End Scene

Modular Structure

Adjust all elements on the overlay by simply moving them around the screen.

Stream Schedule

Simple minimalisti Showcase of art and also Upcoming stream schedule. By following the Vtuber Schedule, fans can catch their preferred Vtubers' streams and activities, fostering a sense of anticipation and connection within the Vtuber fandom.


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