Valor Animated Scenes Setup Guide

Colors used:

Coral Red :#ff4654

Dodger Blue: #00baff

Electric Violet: #5e00ec

Gold: #ecd300

Malachite (Green): #00ec38

Ebony: #0c121b

The font used in the design is 

Google Free Font: Roboto

You can use any other font you might find more fitting to your style.


Valor Animated Scenes Setup Guide will cover most of the information you need to use this product.

You are free to re-adjust and edit files as you like.

Animated scenes are ready for use with:

StreamElements ( Upload as video/image in the overlay manager set up as 1920×1080 resolution)

Streamlabs ( SLOBS upload as media source or drag and drop as a scene – don’t forget to check LOOP option)

OBS/XSplit adding design as media sources -don’t forget to check the LOOP option

For more information on how to use this design with the specific streaming tool:


SLOBS Scenes Basic Setup Guide

StreamElements Manual Setup

OBS Basic Setup

Additional Information

This version of the animated/static designs is provided as is, we do not offer color changes or additional edits unless it was stated otherwise in the product description.

If there are missing elements or you think something critical needs addressing, please contact us describing the issue and provide the email used to purchase the product or order number.

You will have 5 downloads per product.
We recommend creating an account so you can find the download link for your purchase on the “My Account” page


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