Spring Vibe Twitch Stream Panels

Twitch Stream Panels

Info panel is an important part of your identity on your stream channel, here viewers will wind all relevant info you want them to know:
You can have an info panel/text about you, donate panel/link, games you like to play, your social profiles, and much more…

Create or edit a panel:

Click the Edit Panels switch from Off to On in the top left of your channel page underneath the video screen

Edit the panel as you desire by adding a panel title, image, embedded image link, and description (where you can add more links using Markdown code)

Click on the Add a Text or Image Panel

  • File sizes for images must be under 1 MB
  • The recommended size is 320×100 but you can add image no larger than 320px wide and 600px high. Images will be automatically resized if they are bigger.
  • Descriptions can be stylized in Markdown (sorry, no HTML). See some simple Markdown coding examples below. To learn more about how to use Markdown code, read this article.

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