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Spooky Neon Alerts Setup

Spooky Animated Stream Alerts
Spooky Neon Animated Stream Alerts Dexpixel

Streamlabs Alertbox 

Alert Layout: Text on Image 
Alert Animation: Fade in/Fade Out
Alert Duration: 7 seconds
Alert Text Delay: 1 second
Text settings font-size: 30-50px ( Depends on your choice)
Font: Any you prefer and like
Font Weight: 500
Font Weight: Choose any color you prefer

StreamElements Alertbox 1 

Alert Setting:
Alert Duration 8 sec
Layout: Text over image/Column

Text Setting:
Font: Any font you like
Font size 45 (depends on the amount of text)
Line height: 1
Text setting Advanced
Margin Top: 150 (depends on the amount of text)

Animation Settings:
Text animation enter: Fade in
Text animation enter: Fade out
Text appearance: 1 sec
Text disappearance: 0.5 sec

Spooky Animated Stream Alerts
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