Spooky Neon Alerts Setup

Spooky Animated Stream Alerts

A set of neon-themed animated alerts with a touch of spooky vibes… in style! Choose from 10 different panel pieces and 5 accompanying sounds to cover any streaming event in a nifty atmosphere. Not only best used during the Halloween season but throughout the year as well!



Setup your alerts with few easy steps!

Streamlabs Alertbox

Streamlabs Alertbox 

  • Alert Layout: Text on Image
  • Alert Animation: Fade in/Fade Out
  • Alert Duration: 7 seconds
  • Alert Text Delay: 1 second
  • Text settings font-size: 30-50px ( Depends on your choice)
  • Font: Any you prefer and like
  • Font Weight: 500
  • Font Weight: Choose any color you prefer
StreamElements Alertbox

Alert Setting:

  • Alert Duration 8 sec
  • Layout: Text over image/Column

Text Setting:

  • Font: Any font you like
  • Font size 45 (depends on the amount of text)
    Line height: 1
  • Text setting Advanced
  • Margin Top: 150 (depends on the amount of text)

Animation Settings:

  • Text animation enter: Fade in
  • Text animation enter: Fade out
  • Text appearance: 1 sec
  • Text disappearance: 0.5 sec
Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail

Additional Information

This version of the animated/static designs is provided as is, we do not offer color changes or additional edits unless it was stated otherwise in the product description.

If there are missing elements or you think something critical needs addressing, please contact us describing the issue and provide the email used to purchase the product or order number.
You are allowed up to 5 downloads per product.
We recommend creating an account so you can find the download link for your purchase on the “My Account” page

  • This license grants you, the purchaser, an ongoing, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to make use of the graphic designs, animated designs, transitions, overlay, template, or digital file you have purchased.
  • This license is for one copy (one seat, or one usage at any one time)
  • You can use our digital products for your personal use.
  • You can use them on Twitch/YouTube/Facebook or any other streaming platform (for example to receive notifications for donations/cheers/subscriptions and any other events).
  • Re-distribution is strictly prohibited!
  • Sharing or using it as a giveaway is not allowed.
  • You can purchase this product as a gift but it can have only one end user
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