SLOBS Scenes Basic Setup Guide

This guide only applies if you are using SLOBS, just a few clicks and you are ready to go!

After you Unzipped the file and you will find different folders with different names, navigate to the folder with a name that includes One-Click Setup (usually we name folder “Streamlabs”).

Open SLOBS and on the top right corner navigate to the gear icon (Settings) and click on it.

Window with settings will open and now you can navigate to the “Scene Collections”

Click on that menu and it will open .Overlay export/import options.

Click on the “Import overlay file”

Slobs Scenes Basic Setup Guide

Navigate to the folder you downloaded and unzipped and open the folder with a name that includes Streamlabs, click on the link in the folder and it will start the import.

That’s it, your scenes are now imported.

Editing Social names and customizing scenes

After the import is done you will have a lot of scenes on the left side, all scenes are created for you but you are free to edit everything you need.

Each scene has Sources which you can move, edit text, change the position of the elements, it’s up to you to make your scenes suit your needs.


If you want to add an alert box to your scene you can follow these steps if you want to setup an alert box on the Stremlabs website check out this link  Setting up alerts with Streamlabs – DexPixel




Click the gear icon above your scenes

Set the “Transition” option to “Stinger”

Set the “Duration” to 2000

Select Browse for the “Video File” and choose the stinger file found in the “Screens” folder

Make sure “Transition Point Type” is set to “Time (milliseconds)”

Set the “Transition Point (milliseconds)” to 1000-1500. Depending on the transition settings.

Enable sounds by setting “Audio Monitoring” to “Monitoring and Output” if you are using transition with sound.

Leave other settings on their defaults

Click on Done

Here are some of the tutorials you might find interesting if you want to know more about Streamlabs setup.

Import Streamlabs SLOBS Overlay file

Setting up alerts with Streamlabs




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