Setting up Alerts with Streamlabs

If you are using Streamlabs as your streaming software this will help you to set up alerts using OBS or SLOBS depending on your streaming preferences.

Create or Edit alerts in Streamlabs

Log in to the Streamlabs Dashboard and connect with your Account (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook..) example: if you are streaming on Twitch use your Twitch credentials.

On the left side under the menu, you will find Widgets, click it and it will open all available widgets.

Setting Up Alert In Streamlabs

When you open Alertbox settings here you can choose which alerts you want to be displayed on your stream and uncheck the notifications you don’t wanna have on your stream.

For example, if you need only Subscriber and Donation uncheck all other alert types

Choose Alerts Notification You Wanna See On Stream


Now you can edit alerts:

  • Layout
  • Alert Animation
  • Message Template
  • Text Animation
  • Upload Image or use images from the gallery
  • Sound
  • Alert duration and text delay

You can customize alerts as you like and play with the settings until you find the best that suits your style.

Edit Alert Settings In Streamlabs

You can pick the font you like ( you can check here Google fonts = and pick the name of the font in the settings tab, choose the Font size, Font weight text color, and text highlight color.

Setting Up Font In Streamlabs Alert Box

You can edit variations for each alert, please take your time and set up variations to make each alert special.

Don’t forget to click Save after you changed your alert settings

Testing Your Alert Box Streamlabs

After all this hard work you are ready to set up or test your alerts.

Click the Launch green button and it will open the Green window for you after it opens you can click on the bottom buttons to test each alert you have enabled and edited.

If you are happy with everything it’s time to add an alert box URL in your streaming program, let’s say it’s OBS Studio 

You can also use SLOBS or OBS. Live it’s almost the same set up in all of them.

Click on + , then click Browser and name it something like, “Stream Alerts/ Alert Box/ My super cool alerts”.

Now paste the URL that you got from your alert app into the URL section.

Adjust the Width, Height and make sure that you check, Shutdown source when not visible, because you will still hear your alert notification sounds when you hide your alert browser source.

Click OK, and now you will have your alerts added to OBS.

You can move and resize the browser source around to place it wherever you want the alerts to show up on your stream.

If you want to edit the alert just repeat all steps from the start

Copy Url And Add In The Streaming Program

Add Browser Source

Setting Up Alert Box



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