Image size and Formatting Requirements

Emotes and Sub Badge

Emotes and Sub Badge are a great way to customize your channel and reward your subscribers. Custom subscriber emotes are a part of the subscription benefits under the Twitch Partnership and Affiliate programs. More information on the requirements and eligibility for the Twitch Partnership Program can be found here.

This article provides an overview of how to manage your subscriber emotes, as well as the emote slots available at each tier and subscriber point milestone.

To manage your emotes, head to your dashboard. On the left-hand sidebar, click Viewer Rewards, then EmotesSubscriber Emotes is the first section listed on the Emotes page.


  • The image must be in a .png format
  • Depending on whether you wish to use auto-resize or manual upload, you will either need a single PNG between 112 x 112px and 4096 x 4096px, or three image sizes: 28 x 28px, 56 x 56px and 112 x 112px.
  • Images must be a square shape (e.g., same pixel height and width)
  • The file size cannot exceed 1MB
  • Please submit your emote with a fully transparent background. If you do not know how to make images transparent, please read this.
  • Ensure you have viewed the emote at 100% resolution to check that the art has clear lines and, if you are including words, that the letters are correct and easy to read. Make sure that lines are sharp (no unnecessary blurring or feathering)
  • The image must be in .gif format.
  • Depending on whether you wish to use auto-resize or manual upload, you will either need a single square GIF (between 112x112px and 4096x4096px) or 3 GIFs (28x28px, 56x56px, 112x112px).
  • GIF images must be square shape (e.g., same pixel height and width)
  • 1MB file size max for auto-resize mode. If using manual mode, each of the file sizes cannot exceed 512KB
  • The thumbnail for the animated emote will default to the first frame of the GIF. If you want to create a different thumbnail, this can be overridden with a custom static image (same requirements as emotes)
  • GIF images cannot be more than 60 frames



Auto-resize mode is an easy, streamlined way to upload your emotes. To upload your emote, you'll need a single square image file between 112x112px and 4096x4096px that is under 1MB in size. This file will then be automatically converted into our other required sizes.

000002281 03R




If the automatic conversions made via auto-resize mode are not to your liking and you want more control on each of the sizes, deactivating auto-resize mode allows you to upload three separate sizes (28x2856x56112x112 px). This manual mode allows for image-by-image control for each size. Please note that the three sizes you supply for each emote must be of the same image and must each be under 100KB.

000002281 04R

For a more detailed explanation please refer to the original Twitch guide


Channel membership perks and how to use them:

Facebook Gaming:

Supporter Stickers:

Managing Your Subscriber Badges


To manage your badges, head to your dashboard. From there, click the Hamburger to open the menu and click Preferences, then Partner or Affiliate. Here, scroll down to the Subscriptions section and click Loyalty Badges.

000002070 08U

On this page, you can add, change or remove your subscriber badges. The default subscriber chat badge is a star. While you are welcome to keep the default badge, it is highly recommended that you upload your own subscriber chat badge to personalize your channel.

Affiliates will begin with badge slots up to 1 year, Partners will begin with badge slots up to 10 years. As your Affiliate/Partner tenure grows, you will unlock more badge slots. You will unlock one year of badge slots longer than your current Affiliate/Partner tenure with Twitch.

Badge Flair


Badge flair is a special flair overlaid over the top of a Tier 2 or Tier 3 subscriber’s subscription badge. Badge flair allows your viewers to stand out in chat and be recognized for their strong financial support towards your channel.

Managing Your Badge Flair

You can find the option to enable, customize or disable badge flair on your channel on your Loyalty Badges page of your Partner or Affiliate preferences, underneath the Manage Badges section.

000002070 07A

To enable or disable badge flair, click the toggle at the top of the Badge Flair panel. We’ve provided a default badge flair for each tier for you to use, pictured below.

000002070 03 01
This is the default badge flair for Tier 2 subscribers.
000002070 04
This is the default badge flair for Tier 3 subscribers.

You may also upload your own, custom badge flair. Please keep in mind these requirements when creating a flair:

  • You’ll need six images in total:
    • Tier 2 Flair: 18 x 18px, 36 x 36px, and 72 x 72px.
    • Tier 3 Flair: 18 x 18px, 36 x 36px, and 72 x 72px.
  • Your flair must be uploaded in the PNG format, have a transparent background, and the file size cannot exceed 25kb.
  • Your flair must comply with the Twitch Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, and DMCA Guidelines.

Uploading Animated Emotes


Once we launch, with Auto-resize on, we will take 1 GIF and resize it for you. If you prefer to upload each size separately, you can toggle Auto-resize off. The upload process for animated emotes will be like the upload process for emotes today:

Auto-Resize Mode:

000002331 01


Manual Mode:

000002331 02

At launch, mobile viewers will see the static thumbnail of the animated emote – we are working to bring the animated experience to mobile viewers soon.

Easy Animate


Here are the details for this process:


  • Upload a .png with a resolution between 112x112px and 4096x4096px
  • The maximum file size is 1MB
  • .png images must be a square shape
  • The image must not be animated

When we launch, the upload process for animated emotes will be like the upload process for emotes today:

000002331 03


You’ll be able to choose from 6 animations to add to your emote:

000002331 04


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