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This Guide will cover most of the information you need to use this product. You are free to re-adjust and edit files as you like.

Notice that these designs can be purchased separately, meaning this guide will cover all settings. If you purchased only Transition you can skip to the transition section for info you need same goes for any other separately purchased product.

General Information

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This fonts were used in this design:

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Alert settings:

Streamlabs Alerts on the website and in SLOBS (Streamlabs OBS)

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Currently, we do not support the one-click install feature for the alerts, hopefully, in the future, we will be able to offer you this option.

Here you can find how to manually set up alerts with Streamlabs

For a basic understanding of alerts setup please check this article

Log in to Streamlabs account and on the left side menu click on the “All Widgets”, and after that click on the Alert Box Widget


  1. In the setting window click on the “Manage Themes”
  2.  Click on the “Create Widget Theme”
  3. Name your alert box and click “Create”
  4. Find the new Widget you created and click on “Use”
  5. This will be your active alert box


  1. Choose the Alerts you want to be shown on your stream ( Follow, Subscribe, Tip etc..)
  2. Leave default settings as they are but you can always change them later if needed
  3. Click on the “Follows” in the top menu and select Middle Layout ( Text on the image)
  4. Alert animation choose which style you prefer or leave as default
  5. Upload image click on the square icon and upload the alert ( Alert will be in the folder you downloaded and unzipped)
  6. If an alert comes with the sound in the package upload the sound ( You can choose also any custom sound you might have)
  7. If an alert is static you can choose the duration as you like, for an animated alert you can find the duration of the alert in the “General Information” above
  8. Alert text delay for static alerts is up to you, for animated please check the general information above
  9. Choose the font you would like to use or use a font that was used with this product ( Font name in the general information above)
  10. Choose font size, weight, and colors (You can find information general information above for all these settings)
  11. Click Save settings your alert is ready for use.
  12. In the top blurred “Widget URL” section copy the alert box link and paste it in your streaming program (OBS/SLOBS/XSplit)

This is custom heading element

You will need to have SLOBS downloaded on your PC for this setup

  1. Open SLOBS and navigate to the Sources and click on the + in the Sources top menu
  2. In the popup window click on the Alertbox (Essential) and click on the “Add Source”
  3. A new popup window will open where you can choose what alerts you want to show
  4. If you want to add a Donation alert, on the left side menu click on the “Donation”
  5. On the right side click on the “Media” in the menu and upload the file you downloaded and unzipped after the purchase
  6. After the image/video is added click on the “Title Message” in the menu and here you can adjust font/color/font size etc..
  7. In the “Animation” settings you can choose alert animation settings, you can see the exact setup in the General Information above

StreamElements Alerts

StreamElements Alertbox Import

  1. If you are using StreamElements you can log in here and start with creating or editing overlay.
  2. In the folder you downloaded ( if you purchased product with alerts included) you will find StreamElements folder
  3. Double click on the StreamElements alert link
  4. StreamElements website will be open and in the top area you will see the notification that your import was successful
  5. You can find your new overlay in the “My Overlays” section
  6. Click on the Edit overlay and test out your new alerts

Note: The StreamElements links will be specific for the platform you stream on meaning if you stream on Youtube be sure to use links that are for YouTube, Twitch link for the Twitch platform.

The main function of the alerts or we can call them events is to show events that happened.

Example: Showing subscriber name, donator name, and amount donated or follower name.

Alert Message

Contains variables example {name} for the follower/subscriber name {amount} for tip amount of cheer amount

Alert Duration

Duration for your alert you should adjust this duration in seconds depending on how long are your alerts

Variation setting

Add more variations for your alert different images, sounds, variation settings

TTS Settings

Adjust setting and choose a voice that will read alert text

Text Settings 

Adjust font, size, color, margins, and much more

Animation settings 

Adjust alert and text delay and enter/exit animation

Streamlabs OBS/SLOBS

  1.  Open SLOBS and open settings ( you will find settings in the bottom left corner as wheel icon)
  2. In the left menu choose the “Scene Selection” tab and click on it
  3. In the window that opened click on the “Import Overlay File”
  4. It will open file explorer please navigate to the folder you downloaded and unzipped and choose the Streamlabs overlay import file
  5. Click open and your scenes are imported
  6. Please check all scenes and adjust everything as you like. Edit social media handles and anything you need.

StreamElements Overlays Scenes

Using StreamElements scenes

  1. The first step is to be sure you are logged on to your account in StreamElements
  2. In the files, you downloaded and unzipped after the purchase fined folder StreamElements
  3. Double click on the link in the folder to open in the browser (We do recommend using Chrome as the default browser)
  4. When you double click StreamElements website will open and you should see on top Green bar notification that overlays are successfully imported on your account
  5. You can find all overlays under “My Overlays” feel free to check the overlays, edit social handles, change anything you think you might need.
  6. If you are using OBS or OBS.Live or SLOBS after you finished editing your overlays click on the “Copy overlays ULR” icon and paste that link in your streaming software “Browser Source”
  7. Most of the scenes are 1920×1080 you need to set up that size in the “Browser Source” when you add the link if it’s not stated otherwise.

Streamelements Copy The Overlay Link

Manual Setting up

If you would like to setup your own scenes or you are using OBS and want to setup all scenes on your own here are some steps to follow:

  1. When you download the file please unzip it first if you don’t know how please check this link 
  2. To import images PNG/JPEG click the Add (+) icon in the Sources tab and select Image from the menu and select the file you want to import
  3. To import Video MP4/WebM click the Add (+) icon in the source tab and select Media Source from the menu and select the file you want to import
  4. To add text click the Add (+) icon in the source tab and select Text (GDI+) from the menu and add the text, you can choose the font, the color of the font, and size of the font
  5. Customize files as you would like.
  6. If you need any help with setting up please contact us.


OBS Studio

  1. Under the “scene transitions” section, click the drop-down and select “Stinger Transition”
  2. Click the gear icon and select properties
  3. For “video file” click browse and select the stinger.webm found in the “Screens” folder
  4. Set the “transition point type” to time and “transition point” to 1000
  5. Enable sounds by setting “Audio Monitoring” to “Monitoring and Output”
  6. Click OK

StreamLabs OBS

  1. Click the gear icon above your scenes
  2. Set the “Transition” option to “Stinger”
  3. Set the “Duration” to 2000
  4. Select Browse for the “Video File” and choose the stinger file found in the “Screens” folder
  5. Make sure “Transition Point Type” is set to “Time (milliseconds)”
  6. Set the “Transition Point (milliseconds)” to 1000
  7. Enable sounds by setting “Audio Monitoring” to “Monitoring and Output” if you are using transition with sound.
  8. Leave other settings on their defaults
  9. Click on Done

This is custom heading element

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  • Raid
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